Aberaeron Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

CAS was awarded a grant from the European funded Rural Development Project, Axis 3, for 18 months in 2011. The work has focused on four strands of activity.

Time to look back

Tom Morgan yellow [Tom Crescent]Since 2007 CAS has scanned several thousand photographs of Aberaeron’s people places and events. We have developed a catalogue of these pictures for everyone to enjoy. Through the project local volunteers learned how to use the specialist archiving software and CAS now has a museum standard catalogue which is recognised as unique internationally. Click here to search our catalogue.

Time to Share

ladiesWe started to record the stories of our oldest inhabitants as part of the Bicentary project. Now we have started gathering digital stories from all ages to create a permanent audio-visual record of Aberaeron life. If you have a story to tell contact us.

Time to look around

clock190811In the Bicentenary project CAS developed a town trail and put plaques on historic buildings. Now we have put this historic trail online for you to follow virtually and look at photos old and new of Aberaeron. We also have a town photo trail which is a quiz and a lovely poster of the town on the reverse. Collect one from the Tourist Information Office when you visit us. If you prefer to use your phone on the ground – get our app (see the links on the front page)

Time of your life

conkers boysCAS has held regular summer exhibitions In 2012 our theme was Childhood. CAS volunteers developed and curated the exhibition and the project developed a children’s week where local schools visited. The children listened to stories, dressed up in Victorian costume, took part the photo quiz, enjoyed the trains and heard what school was like in the 1950s.