Extract from Down by the River / Lan’rafon by E.D. Parry.i
Pwyllgor 200 mlwyddiant Aberaeron cyf., 2007.

I remember as a young schoolboy in the 1920s travelling to Llandyssul with my father
by train to where the shirts and ‘drosis’ were made up. Catching the 7.00am train with about 4-5 rolls of 45 yards each of flannel, changing in Lampeter, and again in Pencader, and arriving at Llandyssul by 10.15am. Giving the order for the various sizes to the manager of the Pontwelly Shirt Factory near the station, then spending the day around various factories … returning back to the shirt factory at 5.00pm with the order completed and returning back by train and arriving at 8.20pm at Aberaeron with the packages. A great feat even in those days to complete the order in one day!

i E.D. Parry, Down by the River / Lan’rafon. Pwyllgor 200 mlwyddiant Aberaeron cyf., 2007. A copy of the book can be seen on the reading table in the exhibition.

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